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Garrett Conference

At RM Turbochargers, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry. Our Excellence Awards at the recent Garrett Conference are a direct reflection of our passion and performance.


At R.M. Turbochargers, our success within the turbocharger industry comes from a strongly built team. Our turbocharger technicians have over 30 years experience within all aspects of the automotive industry. Our Motorsport history goes back to the ‘Dick Johnson Sierra’ days.

R.M. Turbochargers was formed in 1984. Rotomaster was an American turbocharger manufacturer and we were the Australian distributor. In the late 1980's Garrett bought the Rotomaster turbocharger division in the USA and through this purchase we became a Master Garrett distributor in Australia.

R.M. Turbochargers factory construction in progress
R.M. Turbochargers factory construction
R.M. Turbochargers factory construction complete
R.M. Turbochargers factory construction fascia installation

Market Focus

The turbocharger industry is constantly evolving and, at R.M. Turbochargers, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest innovations and technologies.

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